Some people talk about cosmetic surgery in a bad light, to the point that they believe that wanting to alter one’s appearance is an abnormality. But is it really a bad thing to undergo this procedure? One of the reasons that physicians list as a reason why people want to undergo cosmetic surgery is called body dysmorphic disorder or BDD.

What is BDD?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a psychological disorder wherein one becomes too concerned about minor and sometimes imaginary physical flaws. People who have this condition tend to overly get stressed over having facial lines, some skin marks, or a single pimple. Most of the time, they tend to want to undergo cosmetic surgery, and more often than not, they emerge out of the operation unhappy with the results.

There is about 1% of the population who suffer from this disorder, but somehow, people tend to think that most people who wish to undergo plastic surgery have this condition. Some argue that people simply have to be happy with their physical appearance. However, the ones who have successfully gone under such surgery would beg to disagree. They would claim that having a cosmetic surgery is effective in improving their self-esteem or having a better perspective of themselves. There are people who have bodies that look a lot older than they really are. For this reason, they would want to go under the knife so their perception of self would match their physical appearance.


Should You Sound the Alarm?

The most successful candidates for cosmetic surgery are those who have a healthy sense of what they should expect after the operation. More often than not, the people who can afford to undergo this procedure are those who do know that they would get what they want. While it is not a common practice to do psychological evaluations before a plastic surgeon treats a patient, it is a common and preferred practice that they get to know their patients through consultations before the procedure. This provides them a lot of opportunity to discover whether they are scheduling a good candidate or not for the procedure.


For this reason, should you wish to know if plastic surgery is for you or not, it is important to contact a surgeon that has been board certified and also part of the group ASAPS. This way, you would be sure that you are in good hands and that you will be adequately assessed if you are fit to undergo the operation.


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