Cosmetic surgery is big news in the United States. So it is not surprising that techniques are being continuously updated, refined and enhanced to tempt a lot of people to improve their looks. More recently, a group of surgeons have announced that advancements in technology may soon permit females to have breast surgery during their lunch-hour.

The following are some of the new trends in cosmetic surgery to watch out for in the years to come. Will you be tempted?

Less invasive liposuction

There are multiple options for patients looking to get rid of unwanted fat in the quick (surgical) way. You will find names like smartlipo, waterlipo, cool lipo, pro lipo, etc. There are so many techniques and liposuction machines in the cosmetic surgery market that it is too laborious to name them all in one single article. Truth is, in the end it all depends on the skills and experience of the surgeon. When asking our specialists, a competent and qualified surgeon will be recognizable by hes/her medical qualifications, years of experience in liposuction, appearances and references in high valued medial magazines, and most of all the testimonials should speak of how happy patients walk out of the surgeons body sculpting practice.


The 3-D Face Life

This is an advanced, state-of the-art, less invasive facial surgical procedure that seeks to plump-up the face through stretching tissue found inside the face back towards the cheek to provide it with a more youthful appearance instead of making incisions and tightening the skin, a procedure employed in conventional face-lift.

Since this surgical procedure does not involve creating a lot of incisions in the skin, the patient will have lesser scars. The procedure also seeks to provide a more pleasant look – a youthful, fuller appearance instead of a tight, a probable wind-tunnel appearance. This cosmetic procedure is especially ideal for younger patients (around 40 to 50) whose skin is not very wrinkled.


The Lunch-Time Breast Surgery

This surgical procedure is more popularly known as Macrolane. It is touted as the must-have surgical procedure in the years to come. Unlike the traditional breast augmentation surgery, this treatment does not involve the insertion of breast implants. Instead, the breasts are made bigger in size with injections during an hour-long session. Unlike traditional breast implants, the outcomes are less dramatic, increasing the breast size to about 3 quarters of a cup size. Also the outcomes will only last for about 2 to 3 years.

This treatment is far less invasive as compared to the usual breast augmentation procedure since it only involves a series of injections instead of creating incisions in the skin.


Fine lines – wrinkles & Scar removal treatments

Instead of injecting the standard type of collagen (bovine collagen derived from cows) into your wrinkles, the patients will have a sample of their own collagen and cultivated in the laboratory which is then used for their wrinkles. Skin is treated not at the surface as in a facial but at the level where it renews. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated, resulting in healthier, better-looking skin. When an individual’s own collagen is utilized, the body will tend to continue synthesizing more collagen and thereby, the effects will last a lot longer. The physician may also store a sample of the patient’s collagen for future use. In this procedure, a tiny biopsy is taken from behind the patient’s ear.