Nano Liposuction – the next step in fat melting

Nano Particle Professor and her Plastic Surgeon Brother discover the Nano-Liposuction

Ada Almutairi a professor from the USCS, came up with the idea of using the application of nano-particles (nano-medicine) to melt fat. The procedure is in principle an extension of the traditional tumescent liposuction. But in this case instead of a tumescent solution, the injected fluid contains gold nano-rods. The solution is injected likewise in the fat layers where the patient wants to be treated to reduce his/her fat deposits. Similar to the process of laser assisted lipo, here also a laser is used to melt the fat, but in this case the laser is not used with a microscopic light fiber like (smart lipo for example uses). The laser is aimed at skin level. The light intensity is enough not to damage nor burn the skin, but certainly sufficient to heat up and make the nano particles react and melt the surrounding fat. After the fat has been melted, which in the case of gold nano-particle based liposuction takes less than half the time of traditional laser assisted liposuction, the resulting liquefied fat is then extracted (sucked out = suction) with a needle or cannula.

After the initial lab discovery, where Dr. Almutairi and her staff used the gold nano-particles to melt butter in seconds successfully, she convinced her brother, who is a plastic surgeon, of patenting and elaborating a plan to apply this discovery to come up with an innovative liposuction technique. This technique promises cutting procedure time in half or probably less, almost no vessel and nerve damage, hence almost no bruising and of course minimal scaring since the diameters of the injection needle and cannula are kept to a minimum like the current lipo standards suggests.

Other surgeons and scientists are also working on pushing liposuction to the next step. Dr Lou Cole the director of liposuction in atlanta will be starting in a few months work on an innovative liposuction technique that promises results never seen before.

nano liposuction particles

nano liposuction particles