Smart Lipo leads to Divorce

There are many reasons why a patient looks for a cosmetic surgery. Behind the motives are probably psychological factors that lead them to seek help to resolve any problems that make them unhappy and pushes them to improve their appearances. Believe or not, cosmetic surgery can drastically change the way how we look at ourselves. Recently there have been some online posts mentioning that plastic surgery can put marriages under a divorce threat.

Many people who have surgery, particularly if they have instant visible results such as after a procedure like smart liposuction, rhinoplasty, or breasts augmentation, can say that they have not changed as a person, but in fact Yes; they have.

According to a study conducted by Dr. W Hall (Infiniskin Center), seven out of ten people say that they have improved their lives, almost half has changed work and four out of ten have been separated from their partner or divorced. Thus it is, this means that nearly 40% of women leave their partners once they recover.

In general plastic surgery results bring positive things because the recovery and increase the self-esteem, but the divorce is a bit frightening. We can also observe that divorce after cosmetic surgeries can occur because of the following reasons: 65% want to gain confidence, 42% want to feel more young people and 13% admit they want to feel more attractive for the opposite sex.

Dr. Jean Lotus, author of “The smart Woman’s Guide to Plastic Surgery”, suggests some tips that need to be analyzed before deciding a plastic surgery:

  • Be sure to seek plastic surgery for your own reasons, i.e. do it for you, don’t do it just to impress others or the fight a recurring depression that might me associated and founded by deeper psychological traumas.
  • You as a patient, should exactly know what you want to change in your looks. Don’t just think that you have to change, just to obtain a change in general. Be concrete of why, how, when and consider the consequences.

The other is also possible: People who seek a plastic surgery after a divorce. This phenomenon has also increased considerably: Plastic Surgery after a Divorce. This social phenomenon can be explained and that people need to recover their self-esteem and feel younger at the time of leaving in search of a new partner.

If you’re one of those people who cannot find or maintain a marital life, do not try to find a solution to this problem in plastic surgery. You probably need to seek psychological help or a therapist that can orient you.