My two best friends had cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is popular a lot of days. People go through this type of surgery to either correct deformities or improve their physical appearance.


my 2 best friends: Selene (left) and Paulina (right)

My 2 best friends had in October this year liposuction. They got operated by Dr. Joffrey from Austin, Texas.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from plastic surgery:

  1. Plastic surgery can improve your overall appearance.

Plastic surgery can make you look better. Rhinoplasty can reshape your nose to make your face look better. Microdermbrasion can make your facial skin look better by peeling off acne scars. Liposuction can remove excess fat from your body. You will be thinner and fitter, as a result. Breast augmentation or boob job can make your breasts bigger. In most cultures, women with bigger breasts are considered attractive.

If you also have a physical deformity caused by a certain disease or an accident, you can correct it using a plastic surgery.

  1. Make a new start.

Plastic surgery will allow you to create a fresh new start, especially if you are moving to another city. When you change your look, you will feel like a different person. This can change your life for the better in many ways.

  1. Plastic surgery will boost self confidence.

Plastic surgery can improve your self-confidence. When you look great, you will feel better about yourself. As a result, you will become more at ease and confident in social situations. Your personality could change also. You will become more assertive. You will begin to pursue your goals because you believe that you are worthy of happiness and success. You will be more outgoing and more cheerful.

  1. Plastic surgery may also help cure depression.

Depression is usually linked to negative body image. A recent study was conducted on patients who took antidepressants before going through the surgery. Right after the surgery, experts noticed that the patients’ antidepressant consumption decreased by 30 percent.

  1. More career opportunities.

Many companies will continue to deny the fact that good looks are important in career advancement. But, in most cases, it is important. After plastic surgery, you will have more career opportunities. You will even qualify for jobs that require physical beauty such as sales, acting, and modeling.

  1. Plastic surgery will allow you to establish better relationships.

Plastic surgery can improve your self esteem. As a result, you will establish better and healthier relationships. You will be more secure and perhaps less jealous. You will be more trusting, loving, and caring.

Because of your new found confidence, you will make new friends and you will be more attractive to the opposite sex.

Plastic surgery is a wise investment. If you have the money and you think you are ready, then go for it. It will be the best gift you can give yourself

  1. Consult your surgeon first

Before deciding on what procedure you want to go through, consult your surgeon first. Your surgeon will present options that will yield great results.

  1. Consider your budget

How much are you willing to spend for the procedure? Can you afford this? Is it worth it to spend all your savings on this?
Your budget will also help you determine what kind of procedure you can avail. Your budget is also one of the major considerations in picking the surgeon who will perform the surgery.

  1. Research

Take time to research and look for options. You have to make sure that you are well-informed before you go through the surgery. Check the details of the procedure and the materials and machines used. You also need to know how long is the procedure and how long is the recovery period. If you have the regular 9-5 job, you may have to file a leave of absence as it would take a while before you can recover.

  1. Do not book the surgery less than a month before an important event

Take time to research and look for options. You have to make sure that you are well-informed before you go through the surgery. Check the details of the procedure and the materials and machines used. You also need to know how long is the procedure and how long is the recovery period. If you have the regular 9-5 job, you may have to file a leave of absence as it would take a while before you can recover.

after their liposuction : my 2 best friends

this is how they look after their liposuction (envy!!)

British woman’s cosmetic surgery death in Thailand

Thailand health professionals have issued a warning about the risk of ‘surgical tourism’ after a British died while under cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Authorities claimed that the health professionals carrying out the surgery was not a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

The 25 years old woman, whose identity has not been revealed, was found with a 3 inch incision in her lower back inside a health facility in Bangkok. She had successfully undertaken a cosmetic procedure at the same clinic, and had gone for a return operation.

Triruangworawat Boonruang, an official working with Thailand Public Health Ministry, posted on Thursday that the woman ceased breathing after being injected with anesthetic during the surgery carried out on Thursday. He said that the quack doctor called Saensiri Sompob, 52, was not licensed to undertake cosmetic surgery and is already under arrested on criminal charges of causing careless death. The doctor also runs a website on which he has glowing testimonial from individuals he tells he has operated on in the past.

Thailand is currently popular for its cheap cosmetic surgery. However, there have also been cases of deaths from botched cosmetic surgery. In this particular case, it seems the young woman had requested a corrective job in her tailbone.

The British Association of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgeons has already given a stern warning against getting cosmetic surgery abroad, unless a patient is fully sure he or she is going to be secure. “The problem is. you cannot leave anything to chance. In England, we have NHS that sets and enforces standards. In most other nations, like in the US and in some cities las Las Vegas NV,  the systems are completely different, “Said Mark Henley, a top plastic surgeon. “In particular Thailand is variable, there are real professionals, but also there are numerous charlatans.”

The President of British Association of Cosmetic Surgery and who is also a plastic surgeon, Michael carrier, tells that patients seeking cheap cosmetic surgery are often not fully aware of the operations or the person executing them. “This case, portrays how, if a patient is left lured using promise of cheap surgery, can be rendered vulnerable, even to death.” “Standards of Medicare can change, and patient frequently undergo consultation with fake doctors who have no any medical education. In some instances, patients are treated without appropriate surgical credentials, which goes against all the basic cosmetic surgery standards in those countries.”

A young woman death was reported about 11 pm on Thursday, as told by Thai Media, and medical officials and police went to the clinic located in Bangkok Huay Kwang district. Police tell that they found the young woman’s body lying on the table. The doctor was unable to bring her back to life after the surgery.

The body has been taken for post-mortem examination, police told. Dr Sompob, the fake cosmetic surgeon, is being questioned.

Breast Implant Risks and Complications

Breast augmentation is among the most sort cosmetic surgery. Although breast implant will boost the self confidence of the patient, there are some risks and complications that many people are not aware of.


before and afters of a breast correction procedure
pictures courtesy of – dr. Hall of

Breast implant is among the most common cosmetic surgery in U.S. Like any other form of surgery, the parts where the fats are extracted may suffer excessive bleeding, formation of blood clots, excessive scarring and also some people suffer allergic reactions to anesthesia. Some studies link breast implant to increased risk of developing thromboembolism- this is a serious medical condition affecting brain, heart or lungs. Thromboembolism can be alleviated by avoiding sedentary lifestyle immediately after surgery.

Infection- although infections are rare, they can occur few days after surgery. Infection can also occur long after the operation even after the incisions have completely healed. At earlier stages, the infection can be diagnosed and be treated, but in severe cases, the implant may be removed until the infection subsides. Bottoming out. This is a complication that can occur if the implant rides too low in the breast. Bottoming out breast implant deformity is treated through breast implant revision surgery is done to recreate the pockets in the breast and hold the implant.

Double bubble- double bubble breast implant is a post-surgical complication that occurs when breasts implant drops down below the inframammary crease (the folds where breasts meet the chest). This creates lines or indentation across the lower parts of the breasts. The condition can correct on its own. Synmastia- this is a breast implant condition in which the breasts are too close to each other. Synmastia is corrected through breast revision surgery.

Galactorrhea- at times after breast augmentation, the patient may start producing milk. This is more likely to happen if you are breastfeeding or you have stopped breastfeeding recently. Galactorrhea is likely to stop after sometime, but in severe case, you need medication to suppress milk production. In worst case, the implant may be removed.

Although there are risks associated with breast augmentation, with proper skills and equipment, the complications can be avoided. With advancement in medical tools and equipment, cosmetic surgery success rate has significantly improved. Gone are the days when breast implant complications could not be avoided.

To avoid such risks and complications, you should look for a skilled and experienced breast augmentation surgeon. Look at the before and after surgery gallery. It is also very important to contact past clients to share the experience.


Gynaecomastia or Gynecomastia, Which one is right?

Gynaecomastia, also called “man boobs,” is a condition that causes male’s breasts to become larger than normal or swell. The condition is common in older men and teenage boys. The signs of man boobs can vary from small amounts of enlarged tissue around the breast’s nipples to swelled or prominent breasts. At times, the victim’s breast tissues can be painful or tender, but is not always the case.

arizona lipo - gynecomastia

Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia has several causes, but the main one is hormonal imbalance.

Hormone Imbalance

The condition can result from the imbalance between testosterone and estrogen sex hormones. Estrogen is the hormone that causes the growth of the tissue. Although all men produce small quantities of estrogen, they have high-levels of the testosterone hormone that suppresses the activity of estrogen. If the balance between them is altered, the breasts start growing. The growth of the breast tissues is not because of being overweight and, therefore, exercising to lose weight does not help.

Other Causes

  • Infection and lumps in the testicles.
  • Health abnormalities such as liver disease or kidney failure
  • Negative effects of drugs such as medication for heart ailments
  • Use of illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids and cannabis
  • Klinefelter’s syndrome
  • Treatment for Gynecomastia

The condition is treated using the male breast reduction procedure. During the procedure which takes less than two hours, excess breast tissues are removed under general anesthetic. The surgeon undertaking the operation makes an incision around the areola and sucks the excess fatty tissue using liposuction method. If a lot of tissue needs to be removed, the cuts extend down the chest and the nipples are repositioned. The doctors can require you to stay in hospital overnight and rest for a few days before returning to work.


The male breast reduction procedure is an effective way of reducing the breast size to give a flattened chest shape. The results are permanent, but hormonal imbalance, use of drugs, and weight gain can cause the breasts to enlarge again.


The surgery can lead to loss or reduced sensation in the nipples. It can also leave lumpy and red scars that can last for several months, but gradually fade over time.

The Confidence added value of a Breast Enhancement surgery

Want to wear your favorite dress, but cannot due to small dress? Lacking confidence due to small breasts? Well, no matter whichever situation you can relate to, this is the problem of most women. But thanks to breast implants you can now wear anything you like without losing your confidence. In fact, these are really a great option if you are planning to bid adieu to those uncomfortable padded bras. There is no doubt that breast implants build confidence for many women.

It is ideal for women with difference in breast size, underdeveloped breasts. It is also suitable for women who are looking to fix some changes in their breasts. Along with confidence, women have also reported of having a great sex life after having implants. Well, now that’s a bonus!


The breast implant surgery provides a positive experience to women. Every women loves to look and feel look, but unfortunately due to small breasts, they lack confidence. The implants not only give them back the lost confidence, self- esteem, sexual satisfaction and body image. Apart from this, it also acts a confidence booster because it feels like your real skin. The silicone implants which are placed into your breasts, looks and feels absolutely real.

These implants help you feel more feminine, improve the fitting of your dress, gives your breasts a symmetrical appearance and corrects all the changes occurred due to pregnancy or weight loss.

Breasts are an important part of a women’s body and so a women’s pride and confidence depends on it. Having breast implants not only gives you the freedom to dress as you like, but also helps you get attention. After all which women doesn’t like compliments?

There is also another benefit of breast implants, it makes you complete. Every women desire for a perfect body and these implants provide you exactly that. Apart from this, these are very easy to manage and absolutely hassle free. So, you can really feel like you are in your natural skin.

Overall, the implants make you feel more feminine and bring back or boosts your self-confidence. You can simply feel and be yourself and have the freedom to wear anything you like. After all, that’s what a women wants- to look and feel good and confident. This is exactly what the breast implant promises you. Now, you don’t need to suffocate under the padded bras, you can wear anything you want with confidence. Modifying the breast shape, size or appearance is at your finger tips.


Lipo – Benefits And Risks

Lipo or liposuction is a popular form of cosmetic surgery that is gaining ground at a fast pace. Today people have become highly figure conscious, may be because of the glorified positions of celebrities and models, and hence are willing to go for the knife to look better.

Lipo is a part of that process of wanting to look better and have a well contoured body. There’re many methods of liposuction. New and improved methods are being developed almost every day. The methods of Lipo that is used more commonly these days are laser assisted liposuction, Waterlipo and Smartlipo, ultrasound assisted liposuction, super wet liposuction, hidrolipo, etc.

stored fat cells - after Waterlpo

image courtesy (

liposuction has many benefits. First, it is quick way of getting rid of the unwanted fat that is in the body. There’re many people who go on diets and strenuous exercises in order to lose gordura localizada. Although, they may not be successful in achieving the perfect figure. Lipo helps get rid of fat that the diet and the exercise just won’t get rid of. This fat may be on the arm, thigh, abdomen, buttocks, or breasts. It may even be on the neck. Wherever this fat is, it can be removed by liposuction.

Other than looking great, liposuction actually helps in getting rid of the excess fat in your body that can cause many health issues. After the lipo, the body is healthier as the fact content is reduced to the required limit. These two benefits of lipo are so important that they overshadow the risks that is involved in the procedure. However, it’s essential to understand the risks too before going for any surgical procedure.

Like any other surgical procedure, lipo also comes with risks attached. For one thing, there is the risk of some unexpected thing happening during surgery. Then there is the risk of infection in the area where the procedure has been done. The other risks are scarring around the area of surgery and excessive bleeding. Sometimes, the surgery is said to cause pain and redness in the area too. Another problem that many people face is prolonged recovery time. Though there are
procedures that claim that the person is good to go in 48 hours, there are times when a few weeks or a month’s recovery time is prescribed.

Another risk involved (though extremely rare) is skin death. This means that the skin surround the surgical area dies and becomes discolored. An important thing to remember is to get the procedure done from a hospital or a registered clinic. Avoid spas and beauty salons which claim to do the procedure as the risk percentage is higher in such places.

Liposuction is ideal to get that perfect body. However, it is always better to talk in detail with the plastic surgeon before carrying out the procedure. The doctor will be able to take you through the procedure and explain the risks involved. Do the procedure only if you are absolutely sure. Don’t get sucked in by what others say.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which is intended to remove stubborn fat cells from the body that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. The process may actually remove the fat successfully, but it is a rather clumsy procedure. It is not designed to, nor will it give, any guaranteed improvement to the appearance of cellulite, and will most likely worsen it. It is an invasive, traumatic procedure that will leave the other half of your body looking as if you are a road traffic accident victim, and recovery will take several weeks out of your life.

While many improvements have taken place as regards safety of the liposuction procedure, there are still many unacceptable inherent risks; complications include heavy bleeding, bad reaction to anaesthetic, body contour irregularities (lumpy appearance), prolonged swelling, infection, (MRSA and C.Diff.), nerve damage and gut perforation, when performed on the abdominal area. Many times worse are the risks of necrosis (death of skin tissue) and shock, which can lead to coma, and in very rare cases, death. Patients are usually advised to avoid this procedure in the event that they will suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, diabetes or any other severe medical problem.

The procedure consists of one of three types of anaesthesia: Local, where the site is injected with a combination of anaesthetic and sedative to relax the patient. Epidural, injected into the spine. General rendering the patient unconscious for the entire procedure. The solution softens the fat, and the diluted fat cells are sucked out. Dependent on the scale of work needed, the procedure will take from 2 to 5 hours. Ultrasound is sometimes used to help break the fat down. This generates heat and can cause burns. The wounds are then stitched closed.

What is obvious from the description of this process, is that the skin is opened up and the underlying fat is removed in a very indiscriminate way. The equipment and procedure will not possibly ensure that the skin will be left with a smooth and even finish, despite the best efforts of the surgeon and medical team. It is simply not designed to guarantee a cosmetically pleasing finish. Oftenly, where this is a lot of fat to remove, there could well be numerous scars, pock marks and dents. Even worse, it is possible to end up with uneven distribution of fat, leaving your body looking fatter on one side than the other. This does not resolve in time and only further surgery can even begin to repair the damage.

So, the simple answer, despite claims to the contrary, liposuction will not necessarily help cellulite. It also has a very damaging effect on the contents of your bank account, the simplest procedure costing upwards of $3,000.

Facts about Breast Augmentation you might not know

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that helps enhance a woman’s breasts. In this procedure, implants are inserted to help enlarge them. The type and size of the implant inserted depends on various factors like the breasts anatomy, skin thickness, elasticity and body type. This procedure helps give a potential boost to the patient’s self-esteem and confidence in their personal and professional life.

Breast augmentation – Is It Right For You?

Plastic surgeons see a lot of women who just have certain dissatisfaction with their look, size, or shape. Some women feel that their bodies just do not express on the outside who they are on the inside, and cosmetic surgeries such as a breast augmentation can certainly help with that self expression.

If you are thinking about the surgery, it is acceptable to make a few inquiring appointments with a surgeon without the need to make a commitment. Make an educational appointment with an office near you and put all your questions and concerns on the table. You are likely to find that you are amid a population of women, who just like you, want to feel a little better about the way they look. Your doctor can take you through the decision making steps as slowly as you need to go to make sure that you are making the right decision for you.

The Major Benefits Availed from This Surgery:

– Major improvement in physical outlook

The first and most obvious benefit from breast augmentation is aesthetic improvement. This treatment reshapes the bust line and enhances the complete figure of a woman. The procedure balances out a woman’s body, adds curves and defines body structure. The overall appearance and body figure is completely modified after the surgery. Additionally, if the size and firmness of the breasts has decreased due to pregnancy or aging, this treatment helps reclaim the natural and youthful look of the breasts. An augmentation brings the breasts to perfection by creating an attractive symmetry.

– Boost your self confidence

Another benefit from a breast augmentation is improvement in self confidence. There’s a psychological advantage from the enhanced physical look. Due to improper size and appearance of breasts, women may feel non confident in a social environment. This procedure greatly helps remove this issue. After having this treatment, women feel motivated, energetic and confident. Their physical look gives a direct effect on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

– Alternative clothing options

The way a woman dresses typically reflects her body structure. Low cut tops and dresses look beautiful on a well toned and shaped body structure. Loose tops, shirts and dresses look improper on an unbalanced body figure. After having a breast augmentation, a woman may feel more confident to wear clothes that she wouldn’t have prior to the procedure.

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects?

As with any invasive surgical procedure, breast augmentation comes with a set of side effects that range from annoying to downright dangerous. Infection, excessive bleeding, bruising, hematoma or seroma formation, delayed wound healing, wound separation, clotting problems, asymmetry, or excessive pain are all unfortunate side effects of an otherwise successful surgery. Your doctor will have post-operative guidelines to help during the recovery period and may even prescribe medication to help with the pain and inflammation, so you not need to worry.

How Do You Find a New York Breast Augmentation Surgeon?

Surgeons that perform a ny breast augmentation can be found across the country and in New York.Take the time to visit several clinics in your area if possible and interview many different doctors. Don’t stop until you find someone that you are comfortable talking with and that is able to address all of your questions and concerns. It is unwise to go with the best price or the NY biggest billboard. Use all available resources to find out what other patients think of the doctor in New York City and what specialty they are board-certified to practice. You may also want to find out what sort of hospital affiliations the doctor has and where they did their training. Experience may be the best predictor of final results and you should enquire as to whether your new york plastic surgeon has a variety of before and after photos to share.

The Bottom Line:

In fact, breast augmentation is one of the most popular elective cosmetic surgeries in the entire world. Women across the nation and around the globe are electing to improve their self-esteem and overall appearance by improving the size and shape of their breasts. After having this surgery, a woman’s entire physical look is transformed and she gains greater self-confidence.

Nano Liposuction – the next step in fat melting

Nano Particle Professor and her Plastic Surgeon Brother discover the Nano-Liposuction

Ada Almutairi a professor from the USCS, came up with the idea of using the application of nano-particles (nano-medicine) to melt fat. The procedure is in principle an extension of the traditional tumescent liposuction. But in this case instead of a tumescent solution, the injected fluid contains gold nano-rods. The solution is injected likewise in the fat layers where the patient wants to be treated to reduce his/her fat deposits. Similar to the process of laser assisted lipo, here also a laser is used to melt the fat, but in this case the laser is not used with a microscopic light fiber like (smart lipo for example uses). The laser is aimed at skin level. The light intensity is enough not to damage nor burn the skin, but certainly sufficient to heat up and make the nano particles react and melt the surrounding fat. After the fat has been melted, which in the case of gold nano-particle based liposuction takes less than half the time of traditional laser assisted liposuction, the resulting liquefied fat is then extracted (sucked out = suction) with a needle or cannula.

After the initial lab discovery, where Dr. Almutairi and her staff used the gold nano-particles to melt butter in seconds successfully, she convinced her brother, who is a plastic surgeon, of patenting and elaborating a plan to apply this discovery to come up with an innovative liposuction technique. This technique promises cutting procedure time in half or probably less, almost no vessel and nerve damage, hence almost no bruising and of course minimal scaring since the diameters of the injection needle and cannula are kept to a minimum like the current lipo standards suggests.

Other surgeons and scientists are also working on pushing liposuction to the next step. Dr Lou Cole the director of liposuction in atlanta will be starting in a few months work on an innovative liposuction technique that promises results never seen before.

nano liposuction particles

nano liposuction particles

Smart Lipo leads to Divorce

There are many reasons why a patient looks for a cosmetic surgery. Behind the motives are probably psychological factors that lead them to seek help to resolve any problems that make them unhappy and pushes them to improve their appearances. Believe or not, cosmetic surgery can drastically change the way how we look at ourselves. Recently there have been some online posts mentioning that plastic surgery can put marriages under a divorce threat.

Many people who have surgery, particularly if they have instant visible results such as after a procedure like smart liposuction, rhinoplasty, or breasts augmentation, can say that they have not changed as a person, but in fact Yes; they have.

According to a study conducted by Dr. W Hall (Infiniskin Center), seven out of ten people say that they have improved their lives, almost half has changed work and four out of ten have been separated from their partner or divorced. Thus it is, this means that nearly 40% of women leave their partners once they recover.

In general plastic surgery results bring positive things because the recovery and increase the self-esteem, but the divorce is a bit frightening. We can also observe that divorce after cosmetic surgeries can occur because of the following reasons: 65% want to gain confidence, 42% want to feel more young people and 13% admit they want to feel more attractive for the opposite sex.

Dr. Jean Lotus, author of “The smart Woman’s Guide to Plastic Surgery”, suggests some tips that need to be analyzed before deciding a plastic surgery:

  • Be sure to seek plastic surgery for your own reasons, i.e. do it for you, don’t do it just to impress others or the fight a recurring depression that might me associated and founded by deeper psychological traumas.
  • You as a patient, should exactly know what you want to change in your looks. Don’t just think that you have to change, just to obtain a change in general. Be concrete of why, how, when and consider the consequences.

The other is also possible: People who seek a plastic surgery after a divorce. This phenomenon has also increased considerably: Plastic Surgery after a Divorce. This social phenomenon can be explained and that people need to recover their self-esteem and feel younger at the time of leaving in search of a new partner.

If you’re one of those people who cannot find or maintain a marital life, do not try to find a solution to this problem in plastic surgery. You probably need to seek psychological help or a therapist that can orient you.